Based in Silicon Valley, California, Indivisible South Bay is a grassroots, progressive, citizen action group using the principles of the Indivisible Guide to resist the Trump agenda and promote positive political change, both locally and nationwide, through meetings with our Members of Congress, local demonstrations, reaching out to red districts, and many other actions. Working together, with determination and respect, we can make a difference. Join us!

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Demand the full, unedited Mueller Report

The Republicans are trying to bury the Mueller Report and bamboozle Americans with versions conveniently edited by the Attorney General. This bait-and-switch should not be allowed. This is about the future of our democracy. A man cannot be allowed to get away with his crimes just because he became President. Especially if he became President because of his crimes.

Call your representatives today, and ask them to make sure the Congress asserts its authority. Ask them to demand the release of the full, unedited Mueller report.

03/16/2019 - 9:00am to 03/18/2019 - 5:00pm

Ally Event: March for Fossil Fuel Freedom

This is a on-foot pilgrimage from Palo Alto to San Francisco to highlight the need to take urgent action on Climate Change, culminating in a protest at Wells Fargo's Founding Day celebrations, for being a leading lender to the fossil-fuel industry. Join and walk all the way, part of the way, or sponsor a marcher!

This is not an ISB event, but we share Bay Area events that we believe would be of interest to ISB members.

Call your Senators - Demand an end to the Trump Shutdown

Call Our Senators TODAY! Both Sen Feinstein and Sen Harris support the Senate passing the House bill that will reopen the government and say NO to funding a wall. They are hearing from Trump supporters. It's very important that they hear from those who are against the immoral wall and the shutdown to hold this country hostage. Let them know we have their back!

Sen Dianne Feinstein
(415) 393-0707
(202) 224-3841

Sen Kamala Harris
(415) 981-9369
(202) 224-3553


National Call Day, Wednesday 1-23-19. Call to end shutdown with no wall funding

02/11/2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Voter Education Postcards for Sister District Action Network

Come write postcards to encourage low propensity voters to vote on November 5, 2019! Your postcard will seek to educate them about how their state legislature affects them. Sign up NOW!!

As we heard from Rita Bosworth at the General Body meeting, postcards are very effective. So, Sister Districts is planning multiple waves of those. Here's our opportunity to pitch in!